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Weight Management Nuggets

Snacking can help you lose weight.
If you skip meals or wait too long between you may
be even more hungry and eat more.  Here are some
great snack ideas:

Crunchy veggies make a great snack so think beyond
carrot sticks and give some of these options a try: 
raw, string-less sugar snap peas and jicama slices
are a nice change of pace or serve cut-up, raw
cauliflower, broccoli, and zucchini with fat free ranch
dressing as a dip.

Don’t forget about beans! Fat-free refried that is. 
Nachos can be a great snack when prepared in a
healthy manner.  Take a serving of baked tortilla
chips, add some fat-free refried beans, some salsa or
diced tomatoes, onions and green peppers and you’ll
be good to go.  The fiber in the beans is filling, you’re
getting lots of vitamins from your veggies/salsa and
it satisfied your crunchy craving all at the same time.

Did this make a difference?
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