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"We exist to teach you a lifestyle so you'll
never need to lose weight again!"

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Why This Company is Different!

Donna Krech
    Donna Krech

My husband and I founded this company on a single principle.  There exists a need that most ‘weight loss’ facilities do not meet.  The need is for people to learn how to keep weight off.  Therefore, Thin&Healthy exists for one reason.  It is not simply to teach a person how to lose weight, but to teach our members how to never need to lose weight again.

A CEO's Heart

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Marcia Bigler
Expansion Supervisor
    Marcia Bigler
Because of my years of experience, there isn't anything an owner, staff person or member is going to go through that I have not lived through. Not only will I help you get through it, I'll help you understand it, conquer it, make money at it and achieve all your goals in the process.

Sandy Esterle
Network Support Director
    Sandy Esterle
There are employers and businesses up and down the street who couldn't care less about their customers and their people...that is all we care about.  We make it our mission to get the people around us to their own personal VICTORIES! I'm the one who will help you win contests. I'm going to be the one helping you to make more money by talking to you each week.

Erin Neth
Registered Dietitian
    Erin Neth
Being a part of Thin&Healthy, I am able to help the thousands of people lose their weight and learn how to keep it off permanently.  Other companies put their clients on “diets” and being a dietitian I know the only way for people to keep their weight off is to learn what a healthy lifestyle is  – and Thin&Healthy does that.  I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with members around the world.  I am here to teach you how to eat your 20 favorite foods and still lose weight. There is no such thing as a good food or a bad food and you should not have to take out certain food groups to lose weight.  All foods are a part of a balanced diet.