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Q: I would like to speak to someone about the Thin & Healthy Program. Is there a number I can call?

A: You will find each center's contact information at our Find A Location Page.


Q: Can I cancel the online program at anytime?

A: Our online programs include the Life Success program which is a 52 week commitment.


Q: Can I cancel my in-center membership via email?

A: Because each individual Thin&Healthy's Total Solution center is licensed and operated independently only your local center can discuss membership issues and questions. The best thing to do is to visit or call your local center and speak with them in person.


Q: I Couldn't find what I needed from this page. What should I do next to answer my question?

A: Contact us online via email at Or if you attend a local center then you can look up your local contact information at our Find A Location Page.


Q: I started going then something came up and I haven't been for a while can I start up again?

A: Most certainly, we have a restart program that allows you to come back in and get a fresh start, everyone has a busy life and we understand that.


Q: What will the Thin&Healthy Supplements do for me?

A: Did you know that the body needs 22 amino acids each day and only 14 amino acids are supplied by the body? The other 8 must come from foods. Our TH protein supplements have all the essential amino acids the body needs. They are not required on our program but they do all kinds of really great things like:

  • Build healthy hair and nails 
  • Aid your digestive system
  • Build resistance to disease   
  • Create thyroxin, which is used
    to help speed up the metabolism
  • Aid in the treatment of depression 
  • Prevention of premature aging 
  • Aid in building strong cell walls 
  • Regulate hormones (like adrenalin which
    is produced during stress) 
  • Rid the body of fatigue and
  • Antidote for depression and senility 
  • Relax and promote sleep 
  • Help the body to fight clots and my avoid
  • Stabilize blood sugar, which helps you from being
  • Aid in breaking down body fats immediately; in
    return you lose inches and pounds
  • Protect fat surrounding
    our vital organs such as heart, liver and kidneys 
  • Aid in preservation of protein in lean body muscles 
  • Repair damaged body tissue 
  • Avoid strain on vital organs because it is
    already broken down for the body to use.

The supplements come in lots of different flavors and types like:

When you join Thin&Healthy World's E-Program you get a free starter kit that gives you one of each of our most popular flavors and 3 of our bars, which make great snacks, and they taste great too.


Q: How do I get enough fat grams in for each phase? How many fat grams should I be averaging per day?

A: If you choose the egg breakfast choice over the cereal that will give you more grams and choosing the 1/2 percent milk over skim will also up your grams. Another example would be to choose chicken or turkey over a lower fat fish choice.

On average you should stay between 20-30 right now but some days will be a bit lower (like cereal choice days) and that's ok. On your food diary just try to average the week to 20-30.


Q: I just received my menu plan for the fast phase. I have a question about the snacks mid-morning and mid afternoon. Is there a substitution I can use for the salad, can I change one days snacks for another days? I work in a bank as a teller, and it is rather difficult to eat a salad at work. I think the carrots and other fresh veggies will be okay. Can I just switch those out?

A: Yes, that's the idea! We want you to learn how to make healthy choices that will fit into your lifestyle.


Q: On the intro phase breakfast menu, it says you can eat 2 rice cakes for breakfast. Does this include any variety of those? I love the Quaker caramel mini rice cakes. A serving is 7 of them and it says they have 0g of fat. I'm a little confused because your menu says rice cake have 2-3g of fat. Can you please explain?

A: Some of the rice cakes do have fat in them (especially the ones with the chips in them) so that's where the fat comes from. They are full sized on the phase so you are right to look at what the serving size is on your mini ones but you should also compare what it is on the larger ones.

Keep this rule in mind:

  • You want to make sure the sugars are = or lower
  • The calories are = to or lower
  • The fat is = or lower
  • The protein is = or greater than what ever item you are comparing.
That goes for anything--not just the rice cakes.


Q: I was wondering if you have to have the milk at breakfast? I'm not a big milk fan, so I was wondering if I could just cut it out?

A: Well, here's what milk will help do: The calcium in milk causes the fat cells to burn instead of store so if you can stick it out that would be best. The other alternatives would be fat free yogurt and fat free cottage cheese.


Q: We have a Thin&Healthy Center in our area. Can I still join Thin&Healthy World?

A: If you have a Thin&Healthy center in your area you will achieve the best results possible because you have a full staff of coaches and personal trainers to help you get to your goal and teach you how to stay there for the rest of your life.

The Thin&Healthy World E-program is a self-motivated program with the coaching coming from your weekly Healthy Portion Emails. The Healthy Portions are awesome but not as awesome as having a real coach weigh you in 2-3 times a week and a meeting with your very own personal trainer biweekly.

Bottom line--if you have a center in your area you will achieve e the best results as a member of that center! Check out our locations to see if there's a Thin&Healthy center near you!


Q: Can I switch over from a Thin&Healthy Center to the Thin&Healthy World E-Program membership?

A: Since our centers and the Thin&Healthy World E-program are set up in completely different formats we are unable to transfer memberships from a center to the E-program.


Q: I was wondering if by adding a cold drink mix to my water, if I should count that as water intake also.

A: Water is water is water. Adding a supplement to your water makes it a supplement and not pure water so it doesn't count in your water ounces.


Q: I was wondering about the amount of supplements I am required on Fast Phase, and can I use them at different meals than they are listed? Do I have to use 3 a day?

A: 2 supplements are required on the fast phase per day but you can have up to 4. Use your best judgment. If you are experiencing stomach-growling hunger--a supplement may really help with that.


Q: What's the difference between the online program and the in-center program?

A: If the area you live in has a local center you will find that your results will be far greater because of the one on one attention and having a workout facility right there.

The online program was developed only for those who do not have a local center available to them. The online program is a self-monitoring program that is done all online via emails where the local centers really give you hands on help. Yes, there is a cost difference because you will have access to a workout facility and personal coaching in a center. The online program is a smaller investment because you do everything on your own. We both use the same Healthy Foods Education plan and the Life Success portion of the program is the same. Of course, we sell all the same products online as we do in our centers, you just wouldn't have any shipping if you were a center member.

Again, coaching is the most valuable tool you can ever use and it's best available to you in your local center, which is what we highly recommend when there is a facility near you.


Q: What are veggie crumbles?

A: Veggie Crumbles are a soy-based product which can be used as a protein source instead of meat. You can find it in the produce section of your grocery store-- usually tucked in with the fresh veggies--possibly near the organic items.


Q: I have a hard time eating as much fish as the plan requires. Could you give me some good substitutions for fish?

A: You can have either chicken or turkey in place of eating the fish or other seafood. We just want you to have variety and not eat the same meat choice every day.


Q: My heart Dr. has told me to stop ALL salt. I'm looking on the soup package and it does not have any info listed. Are the soup supplements high in salt?

A: Depending upon the flavor they range from 490 to 610 mg of sodium per serving. Cream of mushroom: 490 mg, Chicken noodle and cream of chicken: 500 mg, Cream of tomato: 550 mg, Chicken bullion: 610 mg.


Q: I would like more information on the kids program. Do you have an outline or a sample of the program? Is there a monthly fee?

A: The Thin&Healthy Kids Program contains 32 topics:

8 Fun Foods topics that teach you and your kids how to grocery shop and eat for health

8 Mighty Movies topics that show you how to get your kids moving their bodies in fun ways

16 Life Success topics that reveal the importance of
-emotional health (which allows parents and kids to get what they want without whining, crying, begging, yelling, threatening or fighting)
-social health (which lets kids make and keep friends)
-mental health (which shows kids the value of getting their homework done while enjoying school and learning)


You can move through the program at your own pace, though we do recommend at least one new lesson per week for consistency.

If you purchase the TH Kids program through a location near you, there is a monthly fee to cover the cost of service and coaching. If you purchase the program online there is no monthly fee because you're doing the work on your own with no assistance from our staff.


Q: How does the metabolism in our bodies work and how does protein help speed up the metabolism?

A: Your body's metabolism is based on the food that you eat. Your body gets all of its energy from plant and animal products that you ingest on a daily basis. This energy is measured in calories. After you eat your food, your body breaks down the different components into energy that it can use to run different cellular processes. Special molecules, called enzymes, which are released by your pancreas and thyroid gland, help to break your food down into sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids. These three types of energy are then absorbed into your bloodstream and transported to all of the different cells in your body to help to run all of your body's different processes. Any excess energy is then stored by your body as muscle or fat so that it can be used in the future.

What role does protein play in speeding up the metabolism? Consuming more protein will help speed up your metabolism because the body requires more calories to digest protein compared to carbohydrates. Stick to low fat protein. Go for lean meats like chicken, turkey and fish. Fish contains loads of omega-3, which can help boost your health too.


Q: My mind & life are consumed with negativity. I was wondering what you would recommend to be able to help my FINALLY reach my goals. I'm an avid exerciser and I do watch what I eat. Do you have any products/books/dvds, etc. that would help me with my mind set & help me get rid of all the negativity I have for myself?

A: We have some incredible programs and products to help with your mindset. First our Never Ending Motivation program helps you identify what's been keeping you from achieving and maintain your goals by looking at what actually kills your motivation. I think you'll find exactly what you are looking for at Also check out Donna Krech's other products in our webstore.

The Victory Principle, Conversations on Success and Happiness Is A Decision Of The Heart are other items of Donna's that I recommend for you as well.


Q: I was wondering if it is ok to use low sodium V8 for a vegetable serving.

A: Keep in mind that V8 doesn't contain the fiber that eating real vegetables does so it shouldn't be used as a replacement for a serving of veggies.


Q: I need help to live a successful life and how to be financially independent.

A: We have a great program that is designed to lead you on your journey to Life Success. You can learn more about it by going to

Here's what the Life Success program includes:

A One-Year Game Plan covering the 12 Essentials for Success! Geared to help you achieve Personal Victory and Life Success

52 Weekly Strategic Game Plans via Email which include:

Focus on mastering each months module Reviews and highlights of the weekly audio portion of the program Action strategies and exercises Weekly downloadable workbook files Following Q and A AND You'll Receive 12 Conference Calls (one per month) with a specific focus and hosted by a Premier Expert in each of the 12 Essentials for Life Success including Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Loral Langemeier, Bob Burg, Chris Widener, and more...

But wait...There's even more!

We're also including Downloadable Books, Audios, Conference Calls and Weekly Workbook Files.

You'll receive a comprehensive, 129-page downloadable workbook Goals Creating a Life On Purpose, written by author Tina Miller whose workbook for the Jim Rohn Coaching Program won rave reviews from the students.


A downloadable special report Converting New Years Resolutions Into Reality by Jeff Davidson, the widely acclaimed author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Reaching Your Goals.

A downloadable mp3 audio teaching on goals: Jim Rohns famous Goals Workshop recorded before a live audience, which offers a simple model for identifying your goals.

A downloadable mp3 audio teaching on goals: Bob Proctor knows Goals he went from $6,000 income per year as a fireman to a millionaire in just a few years and he will help you understand the infinite potential you possess.

We also have The Victory Principle which is another program that can help you. Here's our information for The Victory Principle.

Another program we offer is Donna's Never Ending Motivation program which will help you to identify and teach you how to overcome the things that have been killing your motivation and keeping you from achieving success. Check it out at


Q: Are your supplements and bars required on the program?

A: Our supplements and bars are just a way for our members to get added protein without all the fat and calories that many foods tend to have. The supplements and/or bars are not a required part of our program. Each on of our protein supplements contains 15 grams of protein and they come in a variety of flavors such as hot chocolate, cappuccino, chicken soup and chocolate pudding--just to name a few. You can see all of the nutrition content and ingredients by visiting our online store and clicking on the individual products. The bars we carry are of higher nutritional quality than something like a slim fast bar for example and they are better for you than eating a real candy bar of course!


Q: What is your diet plan like?

A: Our program utilizes real grocery store foods. The phases/menus are designed to teach portion control and food groups. We believe in a lifestyle change--not a diet. We want you to eat your favorite foods--in a healthy way. If you are eating the foods you love while you are losing your weight you'll never feel deprived. We teach you how to not only lose your weight but how to keep it off forever.


Q: How many times a week do I have weigh in at a center?

A: Our members are guaranteed results when they weigh in two times per week at a Thin&Healthy Center but you'll get the best results weighing in three times per week.


Q: Is the gelatin in your supplements animal based?

A: All of the supplements except for the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry pudding/shake mixes do contain bovine based gelatin. The vegetarian chili meal doesn't contain gelatin as well as the oatmeal (regular and apples and cinnamon).


Q: I joined Thin&Healthy in 1996 and had marvelous results. Since then I've had a heart attack. I see that if I wish to rejoin I need a doctor's release. Do you have these forms or does the doctor have them? Is it safe for me to use the supplements with all the medication I'm on?

A: Since you've had a heart attack you would need a doctor's release. I would need your doctor's contact info so I could send the letter and wait to see if he/she would allow you on the program.


Q: How do I count the chili entree or spaghetti Bolognese entree in the meal? Does it count as the meat?

A: The chili entree and the spaghetti Bolognese entree are each equal to one meat serving and one starch serving for the meal.


Q: Any place to get more recipes fromThin&Healthy?

A: We have an excellent collection of tried and true Thin&Healthy recipes in our Thin&Healthy Forever Cookbook. It contains hundreds of recipes submitted by our members for our members. All the recipes include nutrition information and which phase they can be enjoyed on. Your local center will have the T&H Forever cookbook or you can Click Here to order it online.


Q: Can I order products online if I am not a member?

A: Absolutely! Just go to the Thin and Healthy Store.


Q: I don't need to lose weight, but have been trying for years to rid myself of the layer of fat on my stomach. Do you know why belly fat is so stubborn? And, do you have something to help me get rid of it?

A: Women especially tend to gain more weight around their mid-section due to a stress hormone called cortisol. Relora (a stimulant free natural herb) helps to fight this stubborn belly fat and it helps to de-stress you. If you're feeling stressed (man or woman) and your belly bulge is bothering you Relora can really help.

Check with your physician if you are on any type of MAOI or anti-depressant before taking Relora. You can learn more and place an order for Relora by visiting

Top 6 Causes of Belly Fat: (some might surprise you)

Stress > work, finances, family, weight
Hormones > imbalance or over-production
Muscle Tone > lack of abdominal muscle exercise
Actual Fat > overall fat cell content of body
Water > retaining water in body
Genetics > genes inherited from parents

How Relora Can Help You:

Shown to help 78% of adults feel more relaxed, and promotes restful sleep Useful in controlling weight loss by fighting the nervous eating that affects so many people under stress.

Patented proprietary blend of standardized extracts. Each capsule contains 250 mg of Relora Our brand of Relora has a higher absorbency rate than other similar products on themarket.

Benefits of Relora:
Help to relieve stress
Reduce anxiety
Sleep soundly
Feeling of general well being
Control irritability, anxiety, depression, anger Improve blood flow and hormonal balance


Q: Can I order supplements and bars online?

A: Yes. Thin&Healthy Center Members--we encourage you too purchase your supplements and bars from the location you are a member of while you weigh in.

If you are on the Thin&Healthy plan you know you can have up to four supplements a day. Try having a chocolate pudding for dessert or a cappuccino with your breakfast. Add our chicken noodle soup to your lunch menu or have a wildberry passion cold drink with your dinner. You see, supplements don't take the place of your meal--they go along with it. You'll feel full, you won't be craving sweets and you'll help to increase your metabolism with the added protein. (Protein builds lean muscle and just the existence of lean muscle burns fat.)

There are tons of great supplement flavors to choose from!

SUPPLEMENT PACKAGES AVAILABLE (Click on it and you'll go straight to the order form!):
6 supplements $18
10 supplements + 3 free -- $28
19 supplements + 6 free -- $47
35 supplements + 15 free *Best Value! -- $87



Q: I am interested in learning more about the business opportunities available.

A: If you want to make a great living and a great big difference check out our licensing page to learn all about our licensing opportunities or call 419-991-1223 and ask for a licensing specialist.



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