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MARKETING SALES SPECIALIST: This individual is one who can handle freedom, a changing environment and a fast pace. Income 24-40k a year.

MARKETING: We've had tremendous success with over 40 different types of marketing techniques, involving you and your business intricately in community, civic, charity and business events. We teach you how to incorporate these techniques into your daily routine, bringing an unending supply of prospective members.

SALES: A 20 year proven technique that empowers a prospective member to want to enroll without any high pressure selling!

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT COACH : This individual takes care of each member and really makes a difference. This person is looking for a steady more "in office" type position. Income $7.00-$12.00 per hour.

SERVICE: One on one coaching, calls and notes to our members congratulating them on their losses and keeping them motivated. The key individual in a members success.

PERSONAL METABOLISM RETRAINER (PMRT): This individual believes in fitness inside and out! Income $7.00-$12.00 per hour.

EXERCISE IS MAGIC: Making fitness fun is a key ingredient in motivating a person to get involved. Our goal is to have our member realize all the benefits to fitness.

MANAGER: This individual is leadership oriented, strives to help the team hit their goals and thrives in a fast paced, high energy environment. Income 24-50K a year.

MANAGEMENT: You'll be the leader of your team making sure everyone follows the direction they have been given to accomplish their jobs and oversee that all goals are met for the business and for the staff

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