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Ok, I’ll admit it, life hasn’t always felt easy. BUT... it has gotten steadily easier! Now, as you read that, keep in mind that my husband and I have opened more businesses, taken on more responsibilities, are building new careers, are still leading a ministry, continuing to work at blending a step family, are facing the threat of returned cancer with every monthly test, and are adding on to our building and designing a new home! We’ve seen highs and lows in business and in life, made money, lost money, succeeded, failed, been sick, been healthy, cried from heartbroken agony and laughed hysterically. Many ups and downs, you might say. Sure, but the Life Improvement Nuggets on this and previous pages will provide you with tips that have made these ups and downs easier to handle and the obstacles far easier to overcome. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for? A way to make life easier. I’m thrilled to present you with such information. It’s not only worked for me, but countless others too.


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Today is going to be a mirror studying day!
Today is going to be an MIRROR STUDYING day!

Our success secret for the day is;"People come up with some pretty imaginative things to avoid looking themselves in the mirror." ~Dr. Masey, Crossing Jordon"

Jim Rohn says the secret to success is when we look in the mirror and realize we are both the problem AND the solution. My brain shut off time at night is around 9:30 or 10:00. On Sunday nights Crossing Jordon is on NBC. It's a detective show, so I like it. In last night's episode a man's wife had left him for his best friend, while he was away, and taken their daughter. He began telling everyone they'd been abducted by aliens. He came up with this story so he wouldn't have to face truth in the eye. It's rather outlandish, yes. BUT we all do it all the time. We come up with an, "I HAD to that because..." or a, "If they hadn't done this I wouldn't have done that," scenario. The fact is true. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge, but if we use it incorrectly, it can cause us our very success and happiness.

Life is Short. I'll not blame cast. I'll look in the mirror again today and say, "I am exactly where I've chosen to be. If I'm not where I want-it's because of me. If I'm to head into the direction I believe I was created to go in, it will be because of me."

Success... success unto you, and ALL your hand touches!

Donna Krech


There are only six Motivation Assassinators. Answer
these six questions to help you discover which most
often come after you.

1. Do you start out with a goal, a picture in your
mind of where you want to go, and you’re really
excited about achieving it, and then after three days
you just don’t think about it again? This
motivation assassinator is known as too little
focus. The neat thing about this MA is that
many times this one keeps the others from ever
being able to come after you at all.

2. Do you find the words “This is just too hard, I
can’t do this,” or, “I don’t want to do this” going
through your mind or even coming out of your
mouth? That MA is known as your negative
belief system. This one comes against people
and much of the time they don’t even realize it’s
happening. The negative belief system is the biggest
liar. That one is not true, but we’re convinced in our
mind that it is.

3. Can you think of opportunities where you
could have exercised but simply chose not to? You
chose to watch television or work on the computer
or take a nap or whatever? Can you think of
times where you knew you should have chosen water
or juice, but did what you’d always done and had
soda pop or beer instead? That motivation
assassinator is known as habit. Habit is the
sneakiest of all the MAs.

4. Have you ever found yourself in an argument
with your spouse? I mean, it gets tense, it gets
heated, and when you see it’s not going your way,
you run for the brownies. That one is an
emotional reaction, and it’s the most

5. Have you attended an event not planning to
eat, then ate because everyone else was eating?
That MA is your social influence. The
neat thing about this one is it can be transformed
the easiest.

6. Have you found yourself without a minute to
spare for exercise or for making wise food choices?
This MA is the most common in the 21st
Century, and it’s known as time management.


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