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Holiday Work Parties
Handle your holiday work parties like a pro!

These holiday gatherings generally occur after hours and late in the evening. Remember, the later you eat in the day, the less calories you’ll burn off before hitting the sack so eat lightly. Don't wait all day to eat and then go crazy at the party--you'll be ravenous and that will make it hard to resist temptations.

Keep in mind that alcohol is a triple whammy. It’s loaded with calories, it increases the appetite and slows the metabolism so it's best to avoid the cocktails and instead enjoy your co-workers and friends company without the unnecessary calories.

Holiday punches can also be pretty, but deadly. Ask the hostess for a glass of sparkling water with a lemon wedge resting on the rim. Or, opt for a diet soda. It's just a drink. Rather than splash in a 250- calorie cup of punch, you can have an appetizer or two.

Speaking of appetizers. Seek out and find the veggie tray. You can't do much damage with a handful of carrots and cucumbers just limit your dip and cracker intake.

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