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Food Can Help Keep Your Workout On Track
NUTRITION HINT--Can the foods on the program help keep your workout on track?

Absolutely – and here is how! If you are having trouble exercising at noon or after work or just feel to exhausted to go to the gym, your eating habits may be the problem. One key to staying motivated to exercise is to keep the amount of sugar in your blood stable. You can best do this by eating a consistent, routine amount of meals. Skipping meals can leave you tired, irritable and unfocused – once this is felt, it’s extremely hard to get your car to go in the direction of the gym.

Here are some nutrition tips to keep you energized and not looking for an excuse to skip your workout.

  • Eat a breakfast that includes whole grains and fruit.
  • Eat small, frequent meals and snacks during the day to maintain your blood sugar.
  • Make sure to have a light, healthy snack an hour before your noon or after-work workout.
  • Stay hydrated, keeping water at your desk at work.
  • Eliminate caffeine in your diet.

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