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The Holidays Are Coming! By Beth Hammond
The Holidays Are Coming! The Holidays Are Coming!
Don’t fret my friends, the holidays can bring about weight gain but they don’t have to. Here a some tips to help you through the season.

Have a plan This time of year we are bombarded with parties and gatherings the center around family, friends and of course FOOD. Before you head out to that first get- together take some time and think about how you are going to:

  • Handle being offered foods you’d prefer not to eat and what to eat instead.
  • Handle well-meaning relatives and their comments about your weight loss efforts.

You’ll also want to spend some time coming up with some fun ways to enjoy the season that don’t revolve around food like outdoor activities with the family and making crafts (not cookies) with the kids.

Keeping a weight loss journal is a great way for you to not only create a plan but stick to it because the more concrete your plan is to you the more you’ll stay true to your plan. It will also help you to reflect on your victories. Start looking for all the things you are doing right and document those things. If you need help counting your victories use our Thin&Healthy Victory Food Diary for some help.

The average American gains 9-15 lbs over the holidays! Don't become a statistic! Learn how to not only lose your weight but keep it off for the rest of your life!

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