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Are Vending Machines taking all your money?

When you get a break at work do you run for the vending machine for a quick snack? 


Are you filling up on sugary treats and not so healthy foods? 


Do you look and feel like you want to?


Have you ever noticed how much money you dump in that vending machine for a soda and a bag of chips?


Well, here's a tip to help alleviate all your woes.  With a little forethought you can pack some munchies like crunchy vegetables, baked snack crackers or easy to eat fruits from home.  Save the cash you would have fed into the vending machine and put it toward something you can really use (like a new outfit in a smaller size since you are no longer eating all that junk!) 


It’s the little things that can add up to success or failure—which one do you want?

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