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Don't let your old habits win! By Donna Krech
Nobody is perfect and sometimes finding the motivation to continue with your weight-loss plan and healthy lifestyle is difficult. It may be easy to go back to your old habits, like overeating or skipping a day of exercise. Before you get back into your old routine try a these tips to recharge your motivation to lose weight and succeed in having a healthy lifestyle.

Decide ahead of time how to handle temptations. If you are craving a brownie, grab a Thin&Healthy brownie bar, or if you are craving pizza, fix yourself a pizza pita. When an urge or temptation comes, do something else for 5 minutes or so, this will help delay your craving. Emotions and stress are also causes of people to lapse on their program. Try to respond in other ways to the stress of life. Instead of eating something, go for a short walk or call a friend, read a book, or meditate.

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