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Learn Your Triggers

Do you think about what you put into your mouth each meal? Do you ask yourself why you ate _____?

We all have cravings for things every once in awhile. But the key to keeping your weight off is to not overdo it. One good way to do that is either at the end of the day or after you eat a food item - ask yourself, "What did I just eat?" and "Why did I eat it?" Making yourself aware of what you are eating and why, will help you learn what your triggers are and what you can do to overcome it.

Another key is to check your mood. Let's say you had "something" that really wasn't helping you get to your goal. You may have given into the craving for it because of your mood. You see your mood affects what you eat and what you eat affects your mood. Instead of going for a food you may think will make you feel better, try going for a walk or playing with the kids. You might just forget all about your craving.

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