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It's Not Too Late!
METABOLISM RETRAINING HINT-- It’s never too late to start!

You probably already know that exercise helps your entire body—from your physical well being to your state of mind. But did you know it’s never too late to start?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that even when initiated later in life, exercise still provides important health benefits.

Here are several ways to get the most of exercise.

Start small. If you’ve been inactive for a long time, start with low to moderate level activities. Over time, you can increase duration and intensity. But push yourself to reach higher levels— 44% of adults get some exercise, but they don’t do it regularly or intensely enough to protect their heart.

Stand up. Try getting out of your chair when you talk on the phone. It may sound like a small difference but you burn more calories standing then sitting down.

Do yard work. Gardening, mowing, raking— these all provide small amounts of activity.

Make yourself at home. Home exercise can be very beneficial. Exercise videos and equipment such as a stationary bike can provide the whole family with the opportunity to work out. Plus, you can do some exercises while watching television.

Work out with a friend. They’ll hold you accountable, help keep you motivated, and even make working out more fun.

Source: American Heart Association

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