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Terry Johnson

Lost 153 lbs and 135 ½ inches!


I suppose I came as close to dying as I care to get.  In fact, I was walking around, if not dead, a very reasonable likeness. I was lethargic, hateful, and grouchy, had no energy, and did not care if the sun came up or not.  I didn’t want to be around anyone, especially myself.  I could not get away from that ugly loathsome creature everyone called “TROLL”!  Yea, that was my nickname.


I also developed sleep apnea, my blood pressure went higher and higher, and my legs hurt all the time.  It hurt to walk and I have an artificial knee, so I sat more.  The more I sat that lazier and bigger I got.  It was a no-win situation.   


One night, I broke down and told my wife, Pat my plans of suicide.  There I was a 415-pound man crying uncontrollably.  Not a pretty sight I can tell you.  Pat talked me into seeing a doctor to see if he had a solution.  During the conversation with the doctor, I broke down again. He reluctantly gave me a prescription for some diet pills but said he didn’t want to because of my heart.  However, he felt if he didn’t give me the prescription, I would do something foolish like take my own life.  I went home and looked up the drug on the Internet.  Doc was right about the pills, they were dangerous route to take. 


Right there, I prayed, “God if you’re not finished with me yet, I need your help.  You’ll have to show me how.”  It wasn’t fifteen minutes later I saw a commercial for Thin&Healthy with Donna.  I decided to call and check it out.  When I called I talked to Alicia.  She sounded so upbeat that I made the appointment.  Well, I can’t tell you that I went into the appointment with the attitude that they had to convince me and I wasn’t going to be convinced easily.  She explained the program and answered my questions to my satisfaction.  Thus started one of the most fantastic and fulfilling journeys of my life. 


I have been blessed with a great support system with my family and with Thin&Healthy.  As of today I have lost 153 pounds and 135 ½ inches!  I remember the first time I saw my feet.  I counted my toes…TWICE!  It was such a thrill!  I have gone from buying size 60 pants and size 6X shirts at a specialty shop for $40-$50 each to size 46 pants and 2X shirts off the rack at Wal-Mart for a whole lot less.  I have been taken off two medications for my blood pressure, which is normal again.  In addition my cholesterol is a healthy 149!


Physically I find things I can do that I couldn’t do 150 pounds ago.  I can walk, not waddle.  In fact, I feel so good that I took a part time job to stay active.  I can fit into a booth at McDonalds again.  I remember the day that first happened.  I ran from booth to booth, giggling like a schoolgirl.


Mentally, I have back the confidence I had lost.  My best high point was the day I put my wedding ring back on and could wear it.  I no longer feel like everyone is looking at me when I enter a room. My confidence is so much higher that I take better care of my hygiene and appearance.  I believe in this program and the people associated with it.  After all, this program saved my life.  Thank you. 



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