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When I first met my husband I weighed 125-130 pounds and was extremely active. Over the years I saw my self-esteem and quality of life diminish. I gained 50-60 pounds over the years. I was afraid to wear a two-piece bathing suit and would wear clothing that was loose fitting to conceal my actual body shape and size. My energy level decreased and social events were a thing of the past. Then my life made a complete circle.

Joining Thin&Healthy was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. Their expert advice and managing skills turned my life around. Instead of my normal habits of lying around the house watching soap operas and letting the chores pile up, I began a huge step onto the physical fitness approach. Soon my energy level doubled and my self-esteem began to increase. With my weight loss of 49.6 pounds and 74 ½ inches my appearance improved as well as my confidence with work and home relationships. Of course my stress diminished with the extra energy and time management skills I began to use. I’m no longer embarrassed or ashamed of my personal appearance. I do like shopping at the mall and being able to wear clothes my 15-year old daughter would wear.

Thank you so much Thin&Healthy for making my life a success! Without you I would still be wearing sweats and large shirts. Now I love the way my body looks and I will be wearing a two-piece bathing suit this summer.


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