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I have never felt better. I feel I look better than I have since high school. I am now wearing the smallest size in clothing that I have ever remembered wearing.

I feel great, younger. I have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night. I have a new found confidence. I feel I can accomplish anything now because I was able to do this. I switched jobs with out any worries.

Exercise was the biggest key to my weight loss. I have so much more energy and I do not feel the stress in my life that I used to. My body does not get as tired and tensed as it did before. I recently got engaged. I realized my relationship got stronger and healthier as I physically got stronger and healthier. We support each other during the hard times and we now love shopping for new clothes together. I cannot believe how good I look and feel. I was happy before losing the weight but knowing what I know now, I would never go back to my old weight and habits. Thin&Healthy has changed my life. They helped me become a better me!

All together I have lost over 55 lbs!


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