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Tony Hunnicut before
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Tony Hunnicut

Lost 111 lbs.

Lost 104 inches

Lost 11.5% body fat

I have experienced weight problems for the majority of my life. I have always allowed my love for food to control me. I have tried every method possible to lose weight. I created my own diet which worked until I was hospitalized because I was so sick from not eating the right nutrients. I have tried other groups and programs and they worked for a period of time but many of the programs became either too competitive or became a support group for one individual without providing me the support I needed.

I am a college instructor and over the past eight years, I have found myself yoyo dieting. I might lose a little but when I reached a point where I stopped losing, I would become frustrated and begin my old habits again. One weight loss program I joined became so competitive that I decided that the best way to experience a weight loss was to starve all day, weigh in, stay for the meeting and then go to Chili’s or McAllister’s and eat a full order of cheese dip and chips before going home to eat dinner. Needless to say, I gained even more weight.

I had convinced myself that because people did not think I look like I weighed 315 pounds that I did not need to lose weight.

However, in May of 2010, I began to experience major health issues. My weight was out of control. The doctor was having me come in monthly to check my weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Every time I came in things got progressively worse and I was feeling worse. My doctor warned me that if I did not do something, he would have to put me on medication for diabetes. The nurse at the doctor’s office gave me a brochure about the Total Solutions program that was being conducted at Fitness Unlimited in Benton, Arkansas. She said it might be worth my time to consider this program. Well, I still came up with the excuses like not enough time and I was too busy at work. In July 2010, I began experiencing pains in my arms which caused me to panic.

I scheduled an appointment at my doctor and when I told the nurse of my symptoms, she asked me how much money I had in my savings. I gave her a rough estimate; she said that savings won’t do you any good if you are not alive to spend it. She begged me to call Total Solutions and check the program out. That was the eye opening moment I needed.

After my appointment, I went to Total Solutions and enrolled in the program. Within two weeks on this program, I knew I could be successful on this program. On the tenth day of the program, I had a wedding to attend. I deliberated as to whether or not to stay for the reception. I decided to do so to congratulate the bride and groom. Besides the cakes, there was a buffet of wonderful looking foods from which I could have chosen. Instead of choosing those foods, I decided to fill my plate with raw vegetables and drink lemon water and then go home and eat the meal that fit into my program. That moment helped me realize I could be successful on this program.

My food coaches have been so helpful and encouraging throughout this process, they notice patterns which I am still learning to notice which help me increase my weight loss. The one on one coaching makes the difference. By being a part of the Total Solutions program, I have gained the confidence to work towards finishing my doctoral dissertation, become teacher of the year at my college, and run a four 5K races over the past year.

When I began the Total Solutions program, I weighed 314.3 pounds and now I have lost 111 pounds, which is 11 pounds more than my original goal. This program saved my life. I encourage anyone who needs to lose weight to call Total Solutions. Join the program was the best decision I have ever made.


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