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Sherry Beane before
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Sherry Beane

Lost 46.8 lbs.

Lost 80 inches

Lost 22.6% body fat

My name is Sherry Beane I am 46 years old. I am married to my husband of 25 years Jim. We have 2 sons Chris, 23 and Nick, 17. I use to be a size 3/4 . But through the years started gaining weight. In 2006 I was taken to the hospital with chest pain they found that I had high blood pressure and a high heart rate. I was put on meds for this. At that time I thought if I could lose some weight it may help. So I tried a weight loss program and lost 151bs. I then came to a stop and could not lose more weight so I stopped the program. Of course I gained the weight back plus more. I tried the same weight loss program again in 2007/2008 with the same result. In January of 2009, we were told my dad had cancer; he passed away in March 2009. This was really hard for me. I got depressed and this did not help my weight any. A lot happened at this time in my life. My 80 year old mother moved in with us. We found out she had lung cancer and had to have 1/3 of her lung removed. This was very hard for her at her age. It was also a lot on the family and me. But thankfully she got better in time.

In July of 2010 we had the best thing happen to us; our oldest son Chris asked his girlfriend Ashley to marry him. I was very happy but all I could think about was "I look so bad I am so fat." I did not want to wear a size 14/16 to my son's wedding. As short as I am it would look like I was wearing a tent. This really upset me. I joined a local health club, Fitness Premier and started to work out. After a week I meet a trainer in the locker room and she asked me what I wanted to gain by coming to the gym. I told her my son is getting married and I want to look good for the wedding. She said we have a program here that I guarantee will help you. So she took me over and I met Mike Kopec. Mike showed me a picture of a girl my size that lost the same amount of weight that I wanted to lose and had the same goal weight as me. So I joined Thin and Healthy in November of 2010.

The first thing I noticed while on the program was that I had bad eating habits. I guess a Pepsi and left over's was not a good way to start the day! I noticed that I started losing weight right away. In 4 months on the program I went off my blood pressure meds. This was great and the weight was still coming off! I was starting to look good and my confidence was starting to grow. I was able to save enough money, that I got a new car in April of2011. In August of2011 Holly, the Solution's Director at the time, asked me to become a coach for Thin and Healthy. With the hours of my full time job I was able to do this. Coaching for Thin and Healthy was very rewarding. I really liked helping other people lose weight just like I was doing. In September of 2011, my husband Jimmy and I were taking a walk one evening and came home to a stray kitten on our front stoop. We decided to keep her and she is just awesome. We have never had a cat before so she has brought a lot of fun in our lives. On October 21 st of2011, I met my goal weight of 108 pounds. I had lost 46.81bs and 80 inches! This was just great! I look great and I feel great! In December I got a promotion at my full time job in to management with a good raise. The sad thing was I could not coach for Thin and Healthy anymore. But that was ok because I was still able to be in the program.

In January of 2012 I was put on a medication called nordette for endometriosis. I have had some issues with this medication. I found out that it can cause weight gain, so naturally I was scared as I didn't want to gain all the weight back that I had worked so hard to get off. But I have been staying between 115 and 116 since March. So I am working hard to stay there. My son Chris will be getting married on October 27th this year so I want to stay looking good for the wedding and long into the future. I don't ever want to be fat again, but with my new lifestyle that Thin & Healthy has taught me, I'm sure I will stay at a size 3/4 now. Boy I never thought I would see that size again!

Thanks to all the good people who have helped me on my journey-Holly, Carrie, and Erin. God Bless all of you for touching our lives, you do make a difference. Sherry Beane


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