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Joyce Vargo before
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Joyce Vargo

Lost 25 lbs.

Lost 45 inches

It doesn’t seem real any more. You know my other life. It seems like a dream that is fading away. My other life before “Thin & Healthy Total Solution” I had a feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness, and loneliness. My physical health was awful, high blood pressure, achy knees, lower back pain, high cholesterol and yes, insulin resistance. I was heading toward, gasp “diabetes”! What happened to change my life around? What was my motivation? Why did I walk through the doors of “Thin & Healthy Total Solution”? I experienced changes with my Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health, as well as changes in my Family, Social and Professional Life.

What was it that happened to force me to seriously consider changing my life? It was simple: I went dress shopping. Not an everyday dress, it was “Mother of the groom” dress shopping. I went to Columbus, Ohio, looking for a dress, and tried on a number of them. Believe me, none were very flattering. I felt so discouraged! The dresses just weren’t fitting, and there was no way I was going to try on a size 16. NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! So, I found a dress I really liked, and fell in love with. But, the only problem was, I couldn’t zip it up. My son, who had patiently gone shopping with me, tried to zip it up. I was going to squeeze into this size 14 no matter what. WRONG! I had a 4-inch wide space from one side of the zipper to the other. CRY!

The next day, I was at the local Walgreens store, filling my numerous numbers of prescriptions, and I looked over and saw a sign. Not, just any sign, it was huge, bright and yellow, TOTAL SOLUTION. Nah, no way! A Thin & Healthy, TOTAL SOLUTION… Yeah right, like they are really going to be my last stop. So, I sat there in my car, staring at the huge yellow sign, feeling worthlessness. Why would anyone want to help me? I am nobody!! I didn’t have any friends and I don’t go out or call anyone. I sat there for 20 minutes thinking, and then I opened my car door and walked with my knees weak toward that huge yellow sign. Well, if they’re too busy, I can just make my escape back to my car, what do I have to lose?

Walking through the doors was the best thing that ever happened to me, well getting married and having my children are actually, so third best! The team at Thin & Healthy TOTAL SOLUTION changed my life. They greeted me with smiles, positive attitudes, and most importantly, motivated me to reach my goals! It took me 6 months to lose the weight, and I went to my son’s wedding looking marvelous, if I say so myself! I am happier, 34lbs lighter, and 45 inches smaller!

Why would losing weight cause changes in my Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health? Thin & Healthy Total Solution is more than helping people to lose weight. They offer programs to help the total person. I took their group classes for Life Success, and then I had private coaching sessions with T&H’s Life Success Motivational Coach. After a few weeks, the changes in my Emotional Life were amazing. My family was the first to notice, and one day as I was walking out of the house to run errands, I realize I didn’t worry about leaving the house and it was easy. Before, it felt like a chore, I didn’t have the energy to even think about running errands. My daughter had told me I was a positive person, and I was easy and fun to talk to. SMILE! My husband of 35 years said I was once again interesting, and an engaging person to be around.

Last month I had gone to my 6 months visit with my endocrinologist and he had reviewed my lab work, and I quote, “Why are you here?” “There is nothing wrong with you.” “I am discharging you to your family physician. “ Say, What!? Yes, I no longer have insulin resistance, thyroid problems, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I have extremely healthy for a 55 year old. SWEET! There are tons of other physical changes, went from as 14 to a 6 in dress sizes. I am able to play on the floor with my grandchild and not think any about it, getting up and down off the floor easily. I have to laugh at myself because before I would have to wait until someone was around to give me a hand to pull me up!!

My spiritual health has also been enhanced. I had once thought why would GOD or any other religious community care about me? I am nobody. I have realized that if I didn’t believe in myself and walked through the doors that GOD had opened for me, I would still be in the parking lot waiting. I have honored GOD, by taking care of his temple, my body! Again, Life Success Coaching had an impact in my Spiritual Life.

Before I lost weight and became the new me, my husband didn’t notice what I was wearing. He would just go on with his business around the house and would never go out to eat except for a fast food restaurant. Now my husband takes me out to eat at fancy restaurants, and gives me compliments on how I look. What a wonderful feeling it is to have someone close to me notice the changes. Just the other day, I came home from work and he just kept smiling at me and staring. Let’s just say, being married for 35 years, lately it seems like we are just in our honeymoon stages, if you know what I mean!

My circle of friends seems to have blossomed to the point that I have to schedule time for them. I use to think, why anyone would want to talk to me, they’re probably busy. So I would not call anyone and just sit playing my video games, or looking out the windows wondering if anyone out there cares. Hello, now I am on the phone all the time!

I didn’t work before Thin & Healthy. I would just stay home and play computer games all the time. Facebook games, Farmville, poker and others would take up lots of my time during the day and even wee hours of the night. I am working at a job that I absolutely love! I am giving back; by helping others reach their potential. To be all that they can be! My co-workers have become my new family and are very encouraging. It is so wonderful to be part of the community once again, and not pretend I had a life through computer games!

The changes in my life are unbelievable; I went from staying home and being additive to computer games, to being outgoing, loving life and fun to be around. I have a career where I can give back to the community. My spiritual life is strong! My friendships are developing for long term and my families have noticed the changes and love them. Thank you Thin & Healthy Total Solution for being there welcoming me as I walk into your build that one spring day which changed my life forever.


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