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Jackie Degen before
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Jackie Degen

Lost 53 lbs.

Lost 73 inches

April 8th 2010 was the day that changed my life forever. I took the first step to changing the rest of my life. This is the day that I walked into the doors of Thin and Healthy Fitness Solution.

I think about this day many times wondering what made me do it and this is the very question that Jodi asked me as she interviewed me that day. I can’t give you an answer for this but, as the days have come and gone I think that I had a nudging from God above. I frequently would think about losing weight but, it was all a thought. I would watch commercials about this product or that exercise work out or that piece of equipment thinking maybe I could do that but the days go by and I was still the same heavy person. I just thought this is the way that God made me and I would have to accept it.

I did try many products to only stop after a couple weeks with no results it was very discouraging. I love to shop for new clothes and I enjoy doing this with my sisters but when I had to go to the plus sizes to find anything that fit discouraged me from shopping with them. I think this is one of the reasons that took me to Thin and Healthy. The other reason is my health. I had a screening done at the county fair and it showed that my cholesterol was rising. I was determined after that to get that number down. I also remember my mother telling me that I should start to watch my diet because heaviness did run in the family.

One year and three months later I am at my goal and enjoying life. I have dropped from a size 18 to a size 6. I really love the way I look. I have gone from hating to exercise to running 5Ks. I have an even better relationship with my twin sister since Thin and Healthy. We have always been close but, now we are able to shop together and we even work out together as much as we can. I really enjoy this.

I have set several goals for myself. I had my 20th class reunion last July and wow you should have heard all the compliments from fellow classmates. What an ego boost! I decided to go back to school to get my Bachelors of Nursing from The Ohio University and I graduated June 2011. I can hardly believe that I accomplished this. Everyone that I come in contact can hardly believe it when they see me.

I have made a life style change and I would encourage anyone thinking about wanting to lose weight to check into the program it really works I am prove that it does.


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