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Don Bodiker before
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Don Bodiker

Lost 37.7 lbs.

Lost 80 1/4 inches

Lost 6.9% body fat

Total Solution has saved my life twice! In Feb 2005 I had a heart attack and I had 2 stents placed inside my heart. Doctor told me then that if I have future problems there was nothing he could do for me. May 2008 found me back inside the hospital with another (false) heart attack. It was then that I decided to change my life. I quit my 50 year heavy smoking habit, lost 40-45 pounds, 10 percent of body fat, and over 70 inches. This was possible thru the knowledge I gained when I joined TS in June 2008. From June 2008 until March 2010 I worked almost everyday on exercise and staying fit. Late March, I noticed that I was not getting enough air to complete exercises that I had been doing over a year. I had a stress test where it was confirmed it was irregular. A catherization confirmed that stents were no longer possible for me since too many arteries were 100 percent blocked. Doctor said I was a walking time bomb but since I was in such great physical shape I was an excellent candidate for bypass surgery. . One week later I had a double bypass. Within 24 hours of that strenuous operation, I was placed in step-down and less then 4 days I was sent home. My fast recovery was only because of the physical condition that I was in. I saw many other people in the hospital who were there for days longer then me really struggling to strengthen themselves. With all of the glute and ab work that I had done, it was fairly easy for me to lift myself without using my arms which is a big no-no.. I will never ever complain again about knee lunges or sit ups. Two weeks from the double bypass, I am walking a mile and chomping at the bit to get back to exercise. I am also planning to walk/run the July 4th 5K race. The doctors continue to be amazed at how this 65 year old can do this. Thank you TS for your guidance, encouragement and inspiration.


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