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Cory Lee

Lost 59 lbs.

Lost 80 inches

In just a little over 5 months, I lost 59 pounds and over 60 inches with the Programs and Motivation that I have received at Thin and Healthy Total Solutions. This process was tough but easily conquered with the help of many key people at Total Solutions.

In February I walked into Total Solutions depressed and out of shape which I have been most of my life. I needed help and help is what I got. My first day at Thin and Healthy I met a very perky and happy girl named Jess. Jess was very informative and helpful on trying to cheer me up on making the first step towards my health. I told Jess I needed a gym that was more than a gym. I needed a place and a program that was going to check on me and motivate me on this weight loss journey. Jess said I came to the right place and that there was many avenues I can take. At this time I signed up for the normal gym membership which I almost gave up on a couple days later but with Jess's great personality and motivation I kept my membership and in fact upgraded it to Total Solutions. This was one of the best moves I have made in my health. When I upgraded my membership I talked with Mike who was very informative and gave me so many ideas on what foods to eat and what he did to lose his weight. Mike has always been helpful to me if not at the gym then it was at the grocery store. Once I started the program I religiously weighed in twice a week with weight loss coaches and I must admit that the coaches have all been encouraging and helpful even if I didn't lose any weight on a visit. The coaches were nothing short of amazing.

My weight loss process really started to move in the right direction with the help two trainers, my personal trainer Clint Foster and my Pink Gloves Boxing trainer Jake Hittle. Both Clint and Jake pushed me vigorously to my limits. They got the best out of me and they knew when I was being lazy because they would continue to push me past my weaknesses. I owe my overall achievements in weight loss to Clint and Jake. They truly are the best of the best and I will always be in debt to them for what they have done for me. I also want to thank other employees and members for their encouragement and fitness knowledge and help. Those employees and members are Linda, Cindy, Adah, Alisha, Doc, Rick, and Kathy. There are many others who have helped or just given an encouraging smile but too many to name. I know my weight loss was the easy part and I am so ready for the tough part and that is keeping it off for life. I know I will do well and succeed in that area because of the support group I have at the gym and at home.

Thin&Healthy’s Total Solution/ Fitness Solution 24/7 is my second home and I have no problem keeping it that way. Since it has become my second home, my doctor has been very happy with my weight loss and blood results. My blood pressure medication has been cut in half and I am no longer on Triglyceride medication and no longer a Pre-Diabetic!

This journey and life style change has put me on a path that I will not fall from. After many failures in the past in weight loss this time is different because of the help and encouragement I get from the staff and members at Thin and Healthy. I have learned a great deal since joining Total Solutions and I have matured in this aspect of my life. I am now ready to “Pay it Forward” and I will do all I can to help others reach their weight loss and health goals. Thank You all who have helped me add many years to my life and made me feel better about being healthy. I will always be in debt to all that have helped and that will continue to help me.


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